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Informação Geral

CSiDetail is a sophisticated, yet easy to use, special purpose concrete and steel detailing program. CSiDetail features an intuitive and powerful graphical interface familiar to users of SAP2000, ETABS or SAFE. Although quick and easy to use, CSiDetail is a very powerful tool for creating details and drawing for large and complex structures.

Dating back more than 40 years to the original development of SAP and ETABS, CSI’s products have always provided tools that offer structural engineers significant savings in time and accuracy. CSiDetail continues this tradition by providing powerful CAD-like drawing features for the automated creation of detail drawings, seamlessly linking to CSI’s analysis and design software to efficiently generate comprehensive construction documents.

CSiDetail is integrated with ETABS to provide a complete system from analysis and design to detailing. This integration means that you create only one model of the structure and the vertical and lateral framing systems to analyze, design, and detail the entire building.